18 Day Spending Challenge: Day 10

Day 10 Available Funds: $137.75

+ $17.43 ~check from roommate for utilities I paid

- $6.35  ~the most disgusting lunch ever that I am still mightily regretting (2 words: "back spill")

- $1.97  ~drink, convenience store (tsk, tsk)

- $34.83 ~groceries, mostly food to pack for lunch & make dinners (no more sick-making takeout)

- $14.32 ~drugstore: zippy bags (lunch again), coffee creamers (still making coffee each morning!), razors & a soda (ARGH! Forgot to use my $2 Extra Bucks! Oh well, next time.)

- $16.99 ~big multi-pack of reusable containers (yet again, lunch) and arnica gel

Now, arnica gel is pricey but it is the best topical treatment I've found for pain...oh did I ever mention that in the past year I've been diagnosed with arthritis, fibromyalgia & chronic fatigue syndrome? So I'm in pain a lot. Docs say most of it is due to stress. Geeh, what have I got to stress about?! Oh but one note about the arnica--consult a physician before you try it or anything else I say I love. You never know what you could be allergic to. That is my official disclaimer. Now you can't sue me.

New total: $80.72

Days left: 8

WOW. This is the most I've spent in a day yet. Okay, now the stakes are high. 8 days. 8 days. Maybe I'll have a Chanukah like miracle...and the cash burned for 8 days! Or I could just not buy anything.


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