18 Day Spending Challenge: Day 12 (Or Let's See How Much I've Messed This Up!)

Ok, so throughout this process, I've been juggling 2 sets of figures: the amount of my 18 day ration that is in my checking account plus any cash from the ATM/loose change I'm carrying at any given time & I have obviously messed up! As of this blog yesterday, my official "available funds" were $76.92 but my total checking account balance ends with the following amount: $76.96....and I still have cash on me??? What happened, I am not about to try to figure out. Obviously the experiment is not perfect--for example I have culled on 2 or 3 occasions a quarter from my change back on a purchase in order to add it to my laundry money stores. But, no, I think the oops came from me trying to keep track of purchases made with $ from the ATM as if I were paying with my debit card.

So time to get real & sort things out:

18 Day Challenge Funds currently in my bank: $76.96

+ $3.62 ~cash currently on me (Note: This is what I have left over after buying 2 FiberOne bars & a drink for approx. $3)

New total: $80.58

Days left: 6

A few bumps in the road, but I can still do this! I may look sore pitiful with my budget attempts but I have actually spent a lot less this month with this pre-set limit. It made me realize how many unnecessary things I buy each month...like new makeup. Makeup! (heavy sigh) Making a decent take-home pay would still be nice though.


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