18 Day Spending Challenge: Day 16 (2 More Days To Go!)

Available funds: $64.79

- $2.77 ~air freshener (99 cents on sale!) & store brand scrubby sponges for the tub (cashed in my $1 CVS extra buck & unloaded a lot of spare change)

- $7.38 ~ pizza (a splurge but 2 things: 1. I made sure I had my subway card because the pizza place gives me a 10% discount when I show it, and, 2. I also made sure to show them my pizza club card to punch because 10 slices gets you a free one. Cards like this are great to use if it's a place you like & there's no expiration date. In other words, don't be like Elaine on Seinfeld. In one episode, she kept going to this sub place and buying sandwiches she hated just to earn a free one eventually!)

Available funds: $54.64

Days left: 2


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