18 Day Spending Challenge: Day 18 (Thank God!)

Available funds: $42.10

- $5 ~added value to subway card

- $2.97 ~a sandwich & a drink at a fast food joint I grabbed in a race to make a meeting (see below)

I am rather peeved that I spent the above, as these expenditures are related to the following: I ventured to downtown Haute Hooverville after work today to attend a planning meeting for a community project I had elected to be a part of and, upon arriving at the designated meeting place, I found a hand-written sign stating that the meeting was canceled & would be rescheduled for a later date--HMPH!

New total: $34.13

But I won the challenge! Right? Well, maybe not.

I have failed, Dear Readers, to disclose one key purchase I made this month. I spent Thanksgiving Day volunteering at a church-sponsored dinner and I needed to bring a dessert. Now, the one thing I make really well are Rice Krispie Treats. I know that sounds simple, but I seriously make them better than anyone else in the world. I had to make a lot of them and, to be safe, I put all my Rice Krispie Treat making materials on credit...I figured, well, I am volunteering! But, I vowed that I still would win my challenge, even with fessing up at the end & subtracting what I spent on the RKTs.

Okay, here goes!

- $28.29 ~paid credit card used to buy my RKT supplies (lots and lots of marshmallows, butter, cereal & a huge plastic carry bin for RKT transport)

New total: $5.84

- $4.09 ~Upon calculating the above, I left the blog briefly to run out & buy a SORELY NEEDED Cadbury Dairy Milk Fruit & Nut bar and a Wild Cherry Diet Pepsi.

New total: $1.75

...and I still won!


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