18 Day Spending Challenge: Day 3 (Or After Sunday Cometh the Fall)

The work week is my enemy. It brings with it lures of indulgence, convenience...let's just say today was a mixed bag.

Day 3 available funds: $329.37

Tried out this mini coffee infuser someone gave me (A free find!) with some of my roomie's Starbucks coffee (Ditto!). Not bad. Resolve to make & take coffee from now on.

Attitude towards said experimental coffee shifts as I walk to work (Yuck. Had to use milk, no cream!). Cardboard convenience finds the trash & I veer off course.
- $6.96 ~1 tall non-fat mocha no whip, 1 bacon/Gouda cheese artisanal breakfast sandwich & a small side of self-reproach.

Had the foresight to see to it that I brought my reusable water bottle to work--no store bought water for me!

Breakfast may have been a wash but I packed lunch today!

- $2.95 ~1 bag of cheddar sour-cream chips & 1 Diet Pepsi to accompany aforementioned packed lunch.

- $ 24.85 ~1 large bag of Italian Roast coffee (coarsely ground), 1 travel thermos, 1 carton of Garelick's all-natural half & half (I have sugar at home--artificial sweetener will kill you! Please kindly disregard the aforementioned Diet Pepsi.) and a huge dose of confidence that these expenditures will keep me from wasting money as I will now master the art of making palatable coffee.

Now that I think about it, I've done pretty damn well.

New total: $294.61 (Yikes!)

Days left: 15 (Double yikes!!)


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