18 Day Spending Challenge: Day 4 (And the Dime Marches On...)

Just tuning in to the Challenge? Wondering how the heck I came up with this stringent budget? Check out the first 18 Day Spending Challenge post here.

Day 4 Available Funds: $294.61

- $1.49 ~a small bottle of milk w/ lunch (But that's all I got at work! Mastered the art of infusion coffee and made breakfast & packed lunch!)

- $11.75 ~2 little cakey/pastry things (I know, I know. Financial worries + PMS = Despair. Despair + Cake = Hope. Definitely a case of soul spending!)

New total: $281.37

Days left: 14

Reflection: even if I don't managed to stay within the 18 Day Challenge budget, I'll still save money this month. This project has definitely helped me resist several careless purchases. I was white knuckling it in front of the volumizing mascara display today but I walked away. Thinner lashes, fatter wallet.


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