18 Day Spending Challenge: Day 8 (With Running Commentary & Shopper Saver Card Tips)

Need to get caught up on the first 7 days? It all starts here.

Day 8 Available Funds: $208.27


- $11.48 ~Panera

- $4.33 ~Starbucks

- $4.62 ~seltzer/Diet Pepsi/Twizzlers
In my defense, I paid the 62 cents completely with spare change and mostly pennies at that! Embarrassed to do the same? Well the self-checkout machine is a Shoestringer's best friend.


- $30.11 ~my share of the Comcast bill
Check made out to my roommate; reduced by the amount she owes me for gas/elec.

- 7.43 ~new nightlights for the bathroom & hall
The middle of my apt is a black hole at night; this purchase will save lives.

- $18.05 ~double pack of Aquify contact lens solution
It pains me to make this purchase when there is $3 saline solution on the shelf, but Aquify is the only product I've found to combat my dry eye & allergies. At least I save on the double pack. Single bottles cost over $10 --before tax!


+ $2.00 ~CVS Extra Bucks for buying the Aquify!!!  Woohooo...ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS GET & USE THE STORE SAVINGS CARD. But buyer beware the promotion that might lead to purchases you wouldn't normally make. Example: my beloved CVS oftens sends me coupons like $5 off of a $20 dollar purchase. And I used to let those sucker me in to buying goodies I didn't need and/or spend way more than $20. Now I always make a list of needs to stock up on & come to the store prepared. I'm also not above calculating totals on my phone as I'm going through the store just to make sure I don't go above the coupon requirement.


+ $3.50 ~uncovered a cache of rolled pennies
Hey, every Lincoln counts!!!

New total: $137.75

Days left: 10

In summation: Uh-ooooh. I'm not half there yet & look at what I'm down to. Damn it, I'm going to pull this off if it kills me. I will win this game! Though I must confess, while this challenge is partially done in the spirit of good fun, I look back at the last 8 days & can't help but go, "tsk, tsk." There are people in this world who have much fewer dollars to stretch --and I am struggling with this?! I may not have much in the way of expendable cash but I do have a small cushion to plop my overfed tuckus down upon if I slip below that last $100. Tonight I resolve to embrace humility & gratitude. Goal: try not to spend any money tomorrow. Get through ONE DAY without buying anything?! That really shouldn't be that difficult but...


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