Nov 1, 2011

BUDGET LESSON NO 1: I Will Survive Without A Custom URL

Greetings fellow Grumbling Money Grubbers! If you are like ol' Shoestring Sally here, you:

  • Work full-time but are nevertheless feeling the pinch of a poor economy something fierce.  
  • Got student loan debt up the wazooooooooooo --or you would if you could afford a wazoo!
  • Constantly feel the twinges of first-world, bourgeoisie consumer guilt (to latte or not to latte).
  • Are nevertheless determined to find creative ways to beat the rap called "broke, broker, broken".

So let's sally (no pun intended) forth and along the way I will share with you my wazoo-less woes & hopefully a tip or two for pinching a penny. 

Lesson 1: My blog's self-worth is not predicated on the "customness" of its URL. Yes, Shoestring Sally is here to say I will fly my "" banner proudly, secure in the knowledge that in saving $10 by eschewing the self-indulgent frippery of a shorter URL I am starting off practicing what I preach. Note: this may be the first and last instance of practicing the preacheth.

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