Decor on the Dash: Jazzing Up a Blah Vase

All this recent talk of flowers has got me thinking about an oft-used floral accessory: the vase. Though in truth, the container highlighted in this post is one I would never put flowers in; rather, I prefer to let it stand on its own...well with a wee bit of embellishment that is.

For as much as I like to take random objects and turn them into pieces of jewelry, I like to turn jewelry into random objects even more:

When I moved into my current apartment, I found this plain red vase tucked in a cupboard, abandoned. While a cheery, bold red, on its own this vessel was decidedly dull, but an old beaded necklace in vibrant shades of turquoise & teal with sprinklings of chartreuse really makes this red pop! Blues/greens are opposite oranges/reds on the color wheel, and are known as "complements". The thoughtful application of complementary colors in one's home decor can make a bold statement--but a little goes a long way. Note the neutral background: cream walls & pale woods don't upstage the piece.

I just looped the necklace through itself --et voilĂ !

But what really makes this little trick work is the asymmetry of the necklace as draped.

Found Vase + Necklace I Already Owned = FREE!


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