Deneuve by Design: A Million Dollar Mermaid

Lately, I've been obsessed with all things Deneuve --as in iconic French actress Catherine Deneuve. An integral part of Ms. Deneuve's elegant image is her long-standing collaboration with fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent, who dressed her both on screen and off. I recently saw Deneuve in François Truffaut's quirky, Hitchcockian mystery Mississippi Mermaid (co-starring the ruggedly dishy Jean-Paul Belmondo) and there is one outfit in particular this Gallic siren sports in the film that inspired a Shoestring Aha! moment.

Despite the sub-par picture quality of the above screen captures, one can make out the casual fabulousity of the above outfit. It hit me, here she is wearing a designer YSL ensemble  that most women could never afford & yet it is so simple, so classic anyone can duplicate this look most inexpensively. And consider the fact that Mississippi Mermaid was made in 1969 and yet one could walk down the street today in these clothes and not look out of style --because they aren't! The clean lines, neutral colors & minimal accessories are timeless.

I always encourage women to incorporate a little flamboyance in their wardrobe. Dare to put a dash of Betsy Johnson amongst the khaki & the crisp cotton! Yet, probably the number one style rule for shoppers without a lot of money is this: invest in the classics. If you do that, you can create the most expensive outfits on a dime and look like a million bucks.

Here's some more inspiration à la Deneuve/YSL:

Très charmant, n'est ce pas?


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