Free Find: Stamps on a Shoestring

Believe you me, I have already made peace with the fact that one day I will be on the show Hoarders fighting to hold on to a silver Hershey's Kiss wrapper (But it can be used for crafts! I'm gonna use it in my craaaaaafts!). Nevertheless, I say when neat freebies come your way, don't pass them up. My latest grab is a collection of wooden office stamps that were headed for the trash bin. It was simply a golden opportunity: you can still buy stamps but they don't make them like this anymore. And have you seen how expensive decorative stamps are at Paper Source? A few of the stamps can be use as is, and for the ones that can't, well crafty ol' me can surely make my own rubber stamps from a how-to guide and then glue them on to the wooden posts. Lesson: Reduce trash & increase fun!

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