Happy Thanksgiving: 99% and 100% Thankful

I do find a soapbox all too tempting at times, but no I won't lecture you today about Thanksgiving's evil colonialist antecedents, for despite some white man's idealized fairy tale about Pilgrims and Indians breaking bread and we all lived happily ever after, Amen, Thanksgiving Day has become an opportunity for everyone to be just that: thankful. And so many people in this country are not thankful enough, often enough. Oops, I think I did hop up on that soapbox! You know, I get on this blog, count my pennies and tot up my forbidden hot chocolates, but I mean it all in good fun. I most definitely am scraping by & per the subtitle of this blog I am a member of the 99%. But I don't think that number is the whole story.  I think, on this day it is worth considering that maybe there are TWO 99% in this country. I'm from the "whiny white middle class, got no money but lots of degrees and access to an abundance of social privilege" 99%. But there's another 99% out there, one that would look at all the things I have and think, "What does she have to complain about?" A 99% that is too busy working fingers to the bone to pause for a minute and read my silly blog.

So, yeah, I try my best on here to kvetch with my tongue firmly in my cheek and take a timeout every once in awhile to be grateful. I don't do it often enough, but if there is anything I hope people get out of my nutty posts about what I bought today or about fashion or decor or being thrifty is this: don't let our materialistic society and all those voices berating you about what you don't have get you down. You can create things of beauty without all the so-called trappings of "living well" that come festooned in price tags that attempt to put a value on your self-worth. If you are alive, you're already ahead of the game. So don't let what you have keep your score for you.

Today I am thankful for a roof over my head, for hot water, bubble baths and a warm bed, for so much food I should probably diet, and for a good book to read when the hour's quiet, for love I have felt and for laughter I've heard....and for you, Dear Readers, who read every word.

~Shoestring Sally

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