Inexpensive Inspirations: Women in Hats

Inspiration is all around us & paying attention to what catches your eye is the perfect way to unlock your creativity and get you thinking about how you can live in high style on a shoestring. With this in mind, here is the first of many posts highlighting things that inspire me --in fashion, home decor, and my overall aesthetic outlook. I hope some of the things will inspire you as well. Now here we go...

Inexpensive Inspiration 1: Women in Hats

Too often women shy away from hats for fear of looking poserish or pretentious. But the right style hat can help you exude confidence and elegance. And there's nothing sexier than confidence and nothing more arresting than elegance! Now, I happen to be blessed with a good hat face, still there are some looks even I can't pull off! There's all sorts of guidelines people swear by for how to pick the best chapeau for your face shape, and if you want to Google for more information on that score, do. But I say, just try on a bunch of hats. With head gear it's usually pretty obvious what just doesn't work --and most importantly, go with what makes you feel the best about yourself!

Probably the greatest thing about hats for the budget-conscious is what's great about all accessories: with a little  hunting you can find the perfect look at every price-level. Several budget retail chains carry a wide selection of hats, especially ones of the straw variety for summer. A true classic! And don't limit yourself to the women's section. A man's hat on a woman can be most stylish. And then, of course, there are thrift stores! Though when it comes to used hats, proceed with caution. Straw, I would recommend buying new & you may want to invest in a dry clean if you purchase a hat that can't be easily washed in a machine or by hand. You also want your hat to keep its shape. Can't afford a fancy hat form? Stuff it with tissue paper when not in use! Afraid of your hat flying off in a strong breeze? Consider using that vintage staple, the hat pin.

Hat pins used to be indispensable when women wore hats every day. You may very well have one or two already if you've inherited any jewelry or other keepsakes from a grandmother or great-grandmother. And don't forget flea-markets! With flea-markets, I say the farther away from a city the better. Small town translates into smaller prices when it comes to second-hand goods.

So have fun & hats on!


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