An End of the Year Missive: I Still Believe in Santa Claus (Parental Warning: Contains SPOILERS!)

Dearest Readers,

Here we are, another year is almost at an end, and the whirl of the holiday season has many of us spinning like a dreidel that won't stop! Even your very own Shoestring Sally is right tuckered out from all the hooplah and impending hoopla and needs a rest , thus, this will be our last post of 2011. But 2012 will be a humdinger: more fashion, more art and more DIY doings for the fiscally impaired. Ah, but enough of such boostering! For tonight I want to share with you a little story about how I learned Santa Clause isn't real..or do I mean is real?

I was that child who got picked on in elementary school for being the last kid in class to think there was a Santa Claus, and there was one day shortly after Christmas break when I was taunted and teased for expressing my belief out loud. Once home from school, utterly distraught and fighting back tears, I sought out my mom. "Is it true that Santa isn't real? Is it, Mommy? Teeeeeeell meeeeeeeee!"

She just sat there, looking stunned and panicked, with "Oh not today, Lord" plastered across her face. She then looked down, took a deep breath, and her gaze seemed divorced from mine for an eternity. When she finally looked up this is what she told me --I am paraphrasing her words of course, over twenty years passing has robbed me of  verbatim recall. But this is, I believe, pretty darn close as so much of what she said has been hard for me to forget:

Well, it's funny you know, just the other day I saw in the news this story about these two little boys--brothers--who this past Christmas morning got up real early before their parents to see what toys Santa had left them. But they didn't find any presents, for the family was too poor to get anything for the holidays. The boys got worried that maybe something bad had happened to Santa or that he was lost and couldn't find their house, so they called 911, just like they'd been taught to do in an emergency. When they told the police dispatcher on duty what had happened, he tried assuring the boys that Santa was fine but that he had so many presents to deliver this year, he's just a little behind schedule and not to worry. Then the policeman got a bunch of other policemen together that were on duty that day, and they went out and bought all sorts of toys, oh just everything the boys could possibly want. And when the police arrived at the house with their sacks of toys, they told the children that, "Yes, Santa did have a little trouble finding you, so he dropped your presents off at a police station and we found them." And the little boys were so happy playing with their see, Sally, the spirit of Santa Clause was alive inside of those policemen. So...yes. Santa Claus is real.

She said no more on the subject, nor did she need to.

Happy Holidays and a Joyful new year!
Shoestring Sally, Shoestring News


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