Inexpensive Inspirations: Experimental Cinema!

Going off the beaten pop-culture path can uncover some truly mind bending aesthetic marvels. Here's a short film that is a celebration of vintage 1920s style: Kenneth Anger's Puce Moment, a visually hypnotic meditation on screen sirens of the silent era and the dresses they wore. Filmed in 1949, Anger added the trippy soundtrack by Jonathan Halper in the late 1960s. An interesting bit of gossip: the actress Yvonne Marquis is rumored to have been a mistress of Lázaro Cárdenas, the one-time President of Mexico!

Please note: no copyright infringement is intended...I just love this movie and wanted to share it! If you're intrigued, there are some beautiful boxed sets of Anger's films out on DVD and available at Amazon and Movies Unlimited.


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