Inexpensive Inspirations: Find Your Inner Fashion Icon!

Today I want to give you a glimpse of a few of the women that influence my style, but as I pondered what I like about them, I realized that too often when we look to others for style inspiration we end up focusing on lack: I wish I had hair like that, I have to have those clothes, I can't afford any of it! And it hit me that it is not so much the clothes, the makeup etc. that I admire in these women but a certain attitude, each with a distinct brand of joie de vivre that is communicated through style. Thinking about what qualities you most admire in your favorite fashion plates and what moods they convey that are so appealing can get you thinking about the same aspects in yourself --how can you express these attitudes, themes, feelings through your own personal style? How can you find & cultivate your inner fashion icon?

Here's a taste of what these women convey to me:

Francoise Hardy: Solitude

Lauren Hutton: Adventure

Vivien Leigh: Drama

Isabella Rossellini: Whimsy

Sharon Tate: Innocence


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