Inexpensive Inspirations: Pattern Scavenger!

In my recent post Patterns Galore! I vowed to set out on a pattern scavenger hunt to scope out eye-catching designs that might inspire me (and maybe you!) in future creative endeavors. And I decided to start in my own backyard, er, rather apartment. Mission: look at  the objects surrounding me in a new light by noting the designs, colors, textures...and of course patterns that make up or shake up the item in question.

Through the looking glass I went...and this is what I found there:

1.) This flocked scarf has been a wardrobe mainstay of mine for over half a decade. Through the years I've tied it in all manner of configurations around my neck, as well as wear it in lieu of a belt to add a pop of pattern to a plain trench coat and it makes a wonderfully flirty sash for a simple frock. And one winter I even used it as a decorative panel for a bed canopy I'd made! I will keep it til it's in tatters...and then I'll probably turn it into something else!

2.) Once again, I am drawn to the sharp contrast of dark on light with this detail from a small vase & loooove the cracked egg shell effect!

3.) Now, I would never keep once-live butterflies under glass --with this one exception. This collage of dried wild flowers and butterflies was reclaimed from a decorative tray I inherited from my grandmother. The original handy craft had been made by an injured soldier, while he was convalescing in hospital after fighting in the First World War. It had been passed down to her from her career-military father and by the time the tray wound up in my hands water damage and resulting mold threatened the entire creation. In honor of its stalwart creator, I opted to salvage: I took the wicker and glass tray apart, rescued what flowers I could and the two main butterflies and re-framed it all against a watercolor background. The sky was once a vibrant Victorian-era electric blue...sadly the sky has faded but the nearly century-old les fleurs et les papillions are still quite bright (I've always kept it out of direct sunlight). I never get tired of gazing at the delicate shapes and intricate designs of the beautiful wings. The butterfly is a symbol of the human that not perhaps our lives on earth? A moment under glass.

4.) Continuing our look at wall decorations, here is a detail from a bamboo rug I bought on sale and hung on my wall as a tapestry. Too pretty to step on!

5.) More reds & yellows on display here in this slinky-retro glass dish...lava lamp, anyone? 

6.) The texture & pattern of this conch shell could definitely inspire...



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