Over 3,000 Reasons to Hate Louis Vuitton

To borrow a bit from Bill Maher --NEW RULE: The only thing from Louis Vuitton one is allowed to own and still be remotely elegant is its classic line of luggage. That's it. Anything else is déclassé. And even that is now suspect. Of course, this happened quite awhile ago & I am not the first person to comment on it. In the last decade, LV handbags have been so conspicuously displayed on the arms of pop-singers, starlets and other tabloid fodder that the brand has lost its exclusivity, and alas, we live in an age where celebrities are more often tacky than classy. So many women have copied the trend, and knock-offs permeate the market. This is amusing, because frankly the LV's signature brown and beige pattern is one of the least attractive brand emblems ever created, and I honestly don't think it would be quite so popular if it came from Target. That's right, I said it. Those bags are damn ugly! Anytime I see one (which is daily in decadent--and knock-off saturated--Haute Hooverville) I want to just wretch. Blech!

Sorry, but I pass on this busy "look at me" branding.

But the aforementioned pattern is not what prompted me to write this post; rather, I was fired up by the following LV outfit I saw featured in a magazine:

Louis Vuitton Icon Collection Cardigan, $1760.00 and Pants, $1360.00.
What we have here is essentially a glorified sweat-suit retailing at $3120.00 and that is indicative of what is wrong with the world. Now, I'm not above label-worship: I love the look of Gucci bags and would buy one if I could afford it, but, most people can't afford the above or Gucci and yet our society has become such that more and more people believe it is their right to obtain such items and that they are somehow deficient if they don't own them. And a sweat-suit!!!!???? Oh, yes, I am calling it out as a sweat-suit, though LV would like you to think otherwise.

In contrast, I would like to highlight a wonderful program in Boston that caught my attention, the Central Reform Temple's partnership with Maurice Tobin K-8 Boston Public School. Temple members have spent the last year diligently raising funds, donating books, landscaping the grounds and more for this school in need of a helping hand. One of the Temple's latest efforts is the Chanukah Gift Program, wherein a donation of $25.00 will provide a Tobin student with a 3-piece Tobin-school winter uniform: a sweatshirt & pants set.

Now I give you a hypothetical: you have the choice between buying an LV sweat-suit for yourself for $3120.00, or, providing an at-need student with a warm sweat-suit for $25.00. I don't think I have to tell you which is the more stylish option.


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