Shoestring Reads: In Search of the Rose Notes by Emily Arsenault

If you've read my post Library Therapy for the Shopaholic you already know Shoestring Sally is a huge fan of libraries. When it comes to books, you can't beat free! For the voracious bookworm, however, resisting the lure of the bookstore can be a challenge. And there are some fantastic bookstores in Haute Hooverville! When I first moved here, I went a little overboard in the literature purchasing dept., but I have since devised a strategy to cope & save pennies. I always keep a little notebook in my bag & scores of pens. When perusing a bookstore, I find it helpful to jot down the titles that tempt me so I can then check them out of the library. And did you know that you can submit purchase requests to most libraries?! Of course, sometimes that means waiting for the latest reads --but I think, as a rule, our society would benefit from cultivating the art of delayed gratification. The U.S. has become a nation of Veruca Salts, stamping our feet and screaming, "I want it now!" So in that spirit, I wish to share with you my latest library finds!

Per the title of this post I am currently reading In Search of the Rose Notes by Emily Arsenault. Wow! Is this a good read! Seriously, I am scrambling to finish this post so I can pick it up again. I am only about halfway through it but it is such a page-turner, I feel confident in recommending the book in full.

The Plot (Spoiler free):

The novel In Search of the Rose Notes tells the story of two estranged childhood friends, Nora and Charlotte, reunited in adulthood by the reopened police investigation of their former babysitter Rose, who mysteriously disappeared when the two were eleven. Fueled by youthful fancies and a mutual fascination with the Time-Life book series on the paranormal Mysteries of the Unknown, the girls sought answers in crude attempts at divination. Now grown up, they find themselves still tortured with questions and hungry for answers.

People who will like this book:

  • Fans of mystery fiction & true crime.
  • Those who can relate to the complex and often cruel social politics of female friendship.
  • Readers who enjoy stories that delve into the sinister mysteries and dark desires of childhood & adolescence, such as: Margaret Atwood's Cat's Eye, Ray Bradbury's Something Wicked This Way Comes, and Stephen King's The Body (the novella that inspired the film Stand By Me).
  • Anyone who grew up during the 80s & remembers being both spooked and intrigued by the television commercials for the Mysteries of the Unknown book series.


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