Yes! Yes! More About Hats!

It's true, I have been a bit of a mad hatter as of late. I simply can't sing enough praises for that sorely under-utilized accoutrement. Tonight I found myself thinking about "church hats". In recent years, that term has become synonymous with the tradition of African-American women sporting fancy hats to worship & this has become the subject of books, plays, etc. Perusing the internet tonight I found a slew of information about this very topic --here is one very interesting article that explores the cultural & social significance of church hats in the African-American community. Do check it out! A Google image search of "church hats" exposed my peepers to a breathtaking array of elegant, and sometimes traffic-stopping, head wear. What a versatile accessory! And that's the very best kind you know.

Another wonderful thing about hats is they can be done over much more easily than many other articles of clothing! Swap out some trim or attach a different fabric, add a few well-thought out feathers and TA-DAH! a new hat. There are endless possibilities to re-design on a dime.

So here I am, thinking about fancy hats & saying hats off to those confident fashionistas not afraid to sport them. Are you one of these brave souls? Do you know someone who has a hat that oozes wow factor and an attitude to match? If so...

We want to feature you 
and your fabulous hat 
on Shoestring News!!!  

Email your hat pictures as an attachment, plus a brief description & how you want to be identified on the blog, to Shoestring Sally at 

Note: Shoestring News makes no guarantees that your submission will be posted. Any spam or "naughty pics"/offensive content will be deleted, and if it warrants it by law, reported.


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