Another New Year's Resolution: Cook More, Buy Less

Every finance guru under the sun will tell you eating out is one of our greatest economic downfalls --and not necessarily big, fancy dinners, either. Nope, it's all those sandwiches grabbed at the shop by your work, the fast food stops, the take outs, etc. So since my vacation, I have been endeavoring to cook more & buy less take-outs, coffees & other miscellaneous nibbles. I started the week cooking my old standby of roast chicken with carrots and potatoes, which I got several meals out of. But tonight I decided to mix things up a little & try throwing together something new, sans recipe, and it tasted great!

My first "Shoestring Culinary Experiment": strips of skinless chicken thighs (3) in a pesto-based marinade (with a lil of this & a lil of that from my spice rack added in) served with veggie pasta, and, for added color and a tangy kick,  grape tomatoes and coarsely chopped baby spinach & arugula (tomatoes & greens thrown in last minute so as to be just lightly steamed.

Approximate cost of ingredients:  $17
(It would be $20 if not for the fact that I only used half the pack of thighs I bought!)

Approximate time it took to make, including marinating time: 30 minutes
(Note: I started with defrosted thighs.)

# of meals I'll get from this dish: 3 or 4


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