Fashion Bucket List: Ossie Clark and Celia Birtwell

Ah, from clipping coupons to fashion fantasies! High up on my "fashion bucket list" is to one day own a vintage Ossie Clark gown, featuring the beautiful textile design of Celia Birtwell. Clark and Birtwell collaborated on both a marriage and a design brand, and their ethereal creations helped to define the whimsy and romance of 1960s & 70s high fashion. Fellow fans of vintage Clark-Birtwell include British beauties Rachel Weisz and Emma Watson. (Heavy Sigh) Perhaps one day Shoestring Sally will also get the chance to don such a frock. Until then, a girl can dream!

An iconic look on an iconic star: Jane Birkin models a Clark-Birtwell ensemble.

Fashion and fantasy collide!

Now to just switch places with the mannequin...


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