Home Decor Emergency: Bye-bye Roommate, Bye-Bye Furniture

Scenario: One roommate moves out, taking with her the dining room furniture and the following from the living room: one love seat, 2 end tables and a coffee table.

Challenge 1: Find some way to fill up the empty space in the living room ASAP to balance out the room and make it a more inviting atmosphere for when prospective roommates view the apartment --forget the dining room, balancing the living room a bit is key!

Challenge 2: Find a surface area for my beloved blue hurricane lamp, a keepsake from my grandmother.

Challenge 3: Find a coffee table or reasonable facsimile.

Solution 1 & 2: Dug out a really old, rather beat up wooden table & chair I had stored in the pantry and my bedroom, respectively, slapped some wide scarves on the table for the lamp and slapped a skinny scarf (the very one profiled in my post Inexpensive Inspirations: Pattern Scavenger!) plus a fancy pillow on  the chair (I confess I did splurge on the pillow - Pier 1, $29.95).

Ta-da! A home for Gramma's lamp!

       And once again, I find a new way to use the scarf!

Solution 3: Moved a wicker trunk of mine in front of the couch to serve as a table, adding a rust red vinyl place mat & decorative candle (another Pier 1 nab) in a red & blue glass holder --which is in keeping with the room's mix & matches of complementary colors.

Don't be afraid to play around with textures and patterns!

It may be more shabby than chic but it got the job done in a pinch! 
And sorry if the blacked out windows are a bit distracting...I love you, Dear Readers, but I'm not about to show you where I live!

Until we meet again, happy creating!


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