Inexpensive Inspirations: Embrace Your Inner SSSSSSSSSS: Strength, Sensuality, Sarandon!

Today I salute a woman who excites, inspires, empowers me: The glorious and gorgeous Susan Sarandon. Or rather, I should say I excite, inspire, empower me...for as I always say, "Whenever you put someone else on a pedestal, it's really you trying to climb on up." We are attracted far less to who we think we aren't and far more to who we already are but rarely give ourselves permission to recognize. We just won't give ourselves the credit! And the celebs I love the most  remind me to do that; they make me feel more like me, by making me more aware about my need to get in touch with certain aspects of myself that I wish to cultivate, bring more to the surface, take greater command of: like my own strength, my own sensuality! And Susan Sarandon oozes both in spades --and she always has! She is as alluring now as she was 30 years ago and I think it comes from confidence, and a sense of feeling happy with who she is. One can't help but feel she goes through life too busy laughing to fret about laugh lines, or stop to question, "Can I still look sexy?" She's got more than enough on her plate being sexy to ever care whether she needs society's permission to do so!

So yet again, when sharing with you a lady I love and who inspires me, I will not waste words preaching that you should buy what she wears, wear your hair like her, etc. No! Rather, I want you to drink her in with your eyes, feel the exuberant, sexy energy she projects and look for that same energy in yourself. It's there! Trust me.

"If you can continue to say yes to life and to maintain a certain generosity of spirit, 
you become more and more of who you are." ~Susan Sarandon


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