The Lighter Side of "Re-use Decor"

My regular readers can attest that I always have my eye out for opportunities to give an object new life by turning it into something totally different and I especially love it when people use unconventional materials and techniques to create something distinct and perhaps a little unusual..thus I think these light bulb vases are electric! I'm so in love with this idea, and I wish I could properly attribute the craftsmanship but I found this picture via StumbleUpon and the only info I could unearth was that it came from some anonymous Tumblr. Oh well. They are still fab.

I simply must do this one day. The question is how? For they do look a little like something that you'd pay an arm and a leg for at Anthropologie, rather than whip up yourself at home with a few spare unfrosted bulbs. But either way, I say go for it DIY-ers. Just proceed with caution: you'll need some serious snippety-snips & pliers to manipulate metal and wire. So do your research and safety first!

But just think about it, if you can make hanging vases out of light bulbs what else could you make them out of? Possibilities are endless.


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