New Year's Resolution: Couponing!

Here's to 2012, all! Boy, you sure know times are tough when there's a reality show called Extreme Couponing, and while I do not aspire to "extreme", I have definitely vowed to put a little more effort into finding and using coupons when I shop. And my retail resolve is already paying off! Today at CVS, between store sales, CVS Extra Bucks --which I earn by always scanning my CVS shopper's card when I buy things-- and manufacturers' coupons that I clipped from the newspaper (paper swiped from my mom so it cost me nothing, hee hee) I managed to bag $16.79 worth of goods (before tax!) for, get ready, a whopping $1.51!!! That's right baby, we'll be washing clothes with Tide at my house this winter --forget Brand X!

And now a word about laundry soap. I grew up in a staunchly Tide household, but that was a luxury I quickly discarded once I got out on my own. So I used to be one of those people who mocked shoppers who bought expensive laundry soap. I proudly bought the cheapest brand in the store, you know the one they don't even air commercials for and all the writing on the bottle is in Spanish? And I was content. Until I started working a 9-5 job that required a bigger wardrobe and clothes that lasted more than a few wears. And so, after a trial run, I came back to Tide; I have simply found that using a better quality soap does keep my clothes looking better longer, which saves me money in the long run. Also, people tend to use too much laundry soap altogether, so if you go with a spendier brand rethink how much you're using per load. It's probably too much. 

Okay, time to hop off my soap box! Until we meet again, Happy New Year & Happy Couponing!


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