Soul Spending: I've always had the power???

I am a firm believer that when an item calls to you, I mean really shouts, "You are meant to have this!" to follow that call and buy it. Of course I mean this in good reason; if you're on food stamps you have no business buying a Gucci purse or putting that yacht down payment on Visa! But those little luxuries you can fit into your budget, YES. And this past week, I could not help myself from nabbing this sparkly red cuff bracelet:

It was cheap at less than $8 on a 50% off table of unsold Christmas-themed merchandise & is only little red crystals (probably plastic) set into a plastic cuff but oh how it glimmers and twinkles! The above photographs don't do it justice. This is not something I would normally buy. I have big hands that I'm rather self-conscious of and rarely find slide-on bracelets that fit. I would also normally pick a more neutral color and, indeed, I instinctively grabbed the silver & gold varieties at first to try on --but there was this bright sparkly red thing peaking out from the bottom of the pile. I held it in my hand, transfixed. It had an energy about it, something almost magical. Then it hit me why I liked it so much: it reminded me of the ruby slippers from "The Wizard of Oz". Still, I hesitated. It is a bit flashy, would I ever wear it? Then I reminded myself of one of the cardinal rules of fashion: almost any subdued outfit looks great with a wild pop of red. SOLD!

Is the bracelet magic? Call me crazy but I think so. For despite the zest with which I tackle this blog, this has truly been a dejecting year for me, one that has left me wondering if I ever will make my dreams come true. But all I have to do is hold this bracelet and I am miraculously filled with hope. I wear it and I feel calmer, less stressed, confident. I wish upon this piece of sparkly plastic and hear Glinda's voice say, "You've always had the power..." Maybe I'm just  experiencing a confidence booster inspired by the  association my brain makes between it and the ruby slippers that so transfixed me as a child. But maybe I was meant to find it. Maybe I have a good witch looking after me.

By the way, Shoestringers, this is not the first time in my life those ruby slippers inspired mild retail here to read a creative memoir piece I wrote last year. Clearly my understanding of the power of shopping started young. 


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