Another Inexpensive Inspiration & More About What's Coming Down the Shoestring

I am totally in love with this look worn by iconic model (and wife of not 1 but 2 music icons, I'll leave it to you to Google who) Patti Boyd:

My passion for bold retro patterns has not abated, and looks like the one Miss Boyd sports are certainly informing my spring wardrobe choices (shoestring budget they may be), proving once more that you can always turn an expensive outfit into an inexpensive inspiration.

So what else will be coming soon to a Shoestring News near you?

Here's just a few things:

Building a wardrobe on bupkis: Sally ventures to the mall on a mission.

I'll share with you my first attempt at hardcore haggling whilst furniture shopping --and I won!

I'll update you on some furniture re-do doings I've done on the cheap.

A look into my work box (whoa! did that sound naughty?): what every sewing kit should have.

The Great De-Clutter Project of 2012!

Smaller Size, Smaller Price: Sally rails against the consumer injustice of designers upping prices for bigger sizes, whilst nevertheless trying to lose 20 kilos (approx. 44 lbs). What can I say? The mall was my oyster when I was svelte.

Plus I will probably subject you to a little more kvetching about my student loans: 

(blood-curdling scream)


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