Gustav Klimt + Godspell + Guerra = I AM IN LOVE! (Project Runway All Stars, NO SPOILERS)

I am mad for fashion designer Mondo Guerra, as you will know if you have read my post Style Alert: Project Runway All Stars Kicks Off Tonight!, and after watching last night's episode of Project Runway All Stars, I am compelled to share with all of you Guerra's latest creation...but I'm not saying who won! For that, I care not. But I do give my whole heart to the divine, decadent wonder he sent floating down the runway. The assignment was to create a costume comprised of separates for the "rich woman" in the musical Godspell, which recently kicked off a revival run on Broadway.

Words cannot describe this vision, other than to say the outfit (and superior styling of hair, makeup, accessories) transformed the necessarily nondescript model into a walking, three-dimensional Klimt painting. Gustav Klimt is perhaps my favorite painter of all time (Rossetti and Chagall are close seconds) and thus I was propelled into a state of rapture. I want to be that outfit and that model --I don't mean I want to be that model wearing that outfit. Oh no! I literally mean I want my cells and photons and neurons and whatever to break down and reincarnate as the model/dress, one complete being of ever-lasting beauty. That is how gorgeous it is! Now I do wish to acknowledge that all images I used to make the below collages are the property of Lifetime, Project Runway, and presumably, Mondo Guerra. No copyright infringement was intended and I hope this free advertising will encourage people to check out the Lifetime Network, the show and the designer! So here we go...a visual feast courtesy of Mondo Guerra's genius:

OH! And I must emphasize to all my fellow penny-pinching Shoestringers out there, that all the materials that went into making this look (minus the jewelry & shoes supplied free by the show and its sponsor Neiman Marcus) were bought ON A BUDGET OF $200 USD! We may not all possess the sewing mastery of Mr. Guerra but we all most certainly can create something fabulous for next to nothing-- just keep your imagination active.

And now for those who care to drink in all the details:

Plus, here's a look at the beautiful women of painter Gustav Klimt:


  1. Wow...what a great post about inspiring Klimt Fashion. I also love him so much and he nspiring my work also. Make unique spats and jewelry.

    Greetings Maide

  2. VIELEN DANK MAIDE! I so appreciate the compliment and I am besotted with your fabulous jewelry --sehr schön! Also, hurrah for rediscovering spats! I will be sure to include links to your sites on Shoestring News's fab Facebook page, which you can access at the top of the right-hand sidebar of this blog. Please do send a Like our way!

    Achtung Shoestringers: for some reason the url Maide provided did not hyperlink but just click on "Maide" at the opening of the comment to access Blogger profile and website links.

  3. Anonymous7/13/2012

    nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

  4. My pleasure! That dress was too divine not to share.


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