Look Around and Steal the Look: Psychedelic on the Sand

I can admit it --I'm a bit "swank store phobic". Seriously. Bergdorf Goodman's flagship store in Manhattan, for example, strikes terror in my little Shoestring Heart. The luxe window displays alone intimidate me, never mind crossing the threshold. I'd need to get my hands on a Chanel suit and a stiff drink before venturing in, and even then I would feel like Liza in Arthur about to be 86'd for having a boosted necktie in my bag. I don't have such an extreme aversion to Haute Hooverville's Lord and Taylor, but it is a shop I tend to pass up given its more high-end price tags. On one recent frigid evening, however, I found myself in its vicinity and early for a social engagement --quelle horreur!-- and thus I ventured in to kill some time and warm my tuckus.

I ended up going on a style scavenger hunt, taking snaps with my camera phone of things that caught my eye and I was reminded of one of my fashion credos: Expose yourself to fashion, even that which you can't afford. Get over your fear of Bergdorf's (maybe one day) and Vogue and be a careful observer. Take that information and make it work for you when shopping at stores that better meet your budget: you can almost always find something similar and less spendy. So on that note, I will share with you one of the pics I took at L&T that day:

I love the bold, bright pattern and swingin' sixties feel of this Trina Turk bikini...which retails at around $90 USD, ouch! But pizazzy-roo psychedelic prints were popping up all over Lord and Taylor. Noted. (And yes, I did just make up the phrase pizzazy-roo. I think it will catch on.) So, with such make-a-statement retro looks in trend this season you are sure to find less expensive options with the same appeal.

I also tell people, don't just shop the look --shop the spirit! What's the vibe the clothes gives off? Because that's what really attracts you. I like the print and the colors (Shades in the fuschia/magenta/purple family flatter me, enough so to make the golden yellow & orange, not my best colors, work.) But what I really dig is the aforementioned psychedelic spirit of the flower-child 60s and the let's just get our party on 'cause it's all too depressing early 70s. Yep, I can totally see this print as wallpaper, couldn't you? 

And speaking of walls, it reminds me of those crazy sets on the show Laugh-in, and due to the colors, this one in particular:

The cast of Rowan & Martin's Laugh-in keeping it real 60's style on the "Laugh-in Ladder".
The Trina Turk suit, with its fun-loving turn-on cool also reminds me of the show's cheeky bikini a go-go sequences that paired sex with socially commentary --and yes: both snaps are of Oscar Award-winning actress Goldie Hawn, struttin' her subversive stuff on the Laugh-in stage:

So in conclusion, will I be psychedelic on the sand this summer? Well, in a bikini the verdict's still out, got a few kilos I'm trying to lose! But at the very least I'll have to hop into the way back machine to snag a one piece and maybe a swingin' sundress.

Photo Credits: The groovy and groundbreaking show Laugh-in was a joint production of George Schlatter-Ed Friendly Productions, National Broadcasting Company (NBC) and Romart, Inc. All images used in this post were studio-released publicity shots and thus are considered public domain; no infringement intended. 


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