Never Fear Looking Rude! C'mon People, Haggle Shrewd!

I am not a born haggler. In fact, the prospect of haggling makes me feel downright queasy, but this is one stomach ailment I've been trying to shake over the last few years as economics demand a tougher consumer. And several weeks ago I bucked up and made my first real, hardcore haggle. I started writing this post the day I bought said prize, but then the trials and tribulations of my student loan nightmare usurped my concentration and this subject was tossed aside.

Ok, so here's the skinny: I nabbed this excellent telephone table from the store...well, let's not name names, let's just say it rhymes with "fear none". The table originally retailed for $149.98 USD but it was marked 75% off, taking the price down to a mere $37.49 USD. The reason? According to the sales tag it was "Damage: Front Drawer". I couldn't see any damage however, and puzzled, asked the salesgirl what the problem was. She pointed out that it was missing the bottom drawer altogether --which due to the style of the table was a detriment one might totally overlook, as I had:

An easy fix as thinking about having a piece of wood cut to the appropriate dimensions and nestle it in there to make a little shelf. Much nicer than a second drawer I think!

The very fixable, very nothing scratches--HAH!
But back to the haggle: while pondering the potential purchase (I had indeed been wanting a table like that) I eyeballed some rather innocuous scratches on the top and inquired as to whether they would knock another 5% off for the additional damage. The clerk got the manager on duty, a young man who proceeded to give me much eye rolling and attitude. I pointed out that the damage tag only specified the missing front drawer and if that is what the 75% reduction is based upon, should that not be adjusted for damage not specified on the tag. He rather snottily replied that the tag meant all the damage, to which I again protested. Well more back and forth of the like ensued, culminating in (and yes I know this was REALLY BITCHY of me) my tap, tap, tapping the laminated damage tag with my finger nail and purring, "Yes, but the fact remains that the tag lists only the front drawer as the source of damage and thus the reason for the markdown. Therefore, from a consumer rights standpoint, I should think I would be legally entitled to some additional discount." Store manager: lemon face, weight shift, eye roll, eye roll...and I got my 5%, taking the table down to an even $30 USD ($31.88 total with 6.25% tax)!

Of course, a seasoned haggler would probably ask for 10% off, knowing that won't fly, and than settle for 5% but I sensed that would be pushing it and kibosh my chances. All and all, not bad for my first time out.


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