Shoestring Reads: Entrer par la porte livre!

Today, I wish to share with you a most fantastique visual find - the whimsical archway of books that greets one upon entering Les Bal des Ardents bookstore & gallery in Lyon, France:

Now that is what I call a clever re-use of resources! May it inspire you to bring new life to that which you might otherwise discard and create "not-by-the-book home" decor! And speaking of books, many years ago I was touring a wonderful little museum in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania called The Mattress Factory, where I saw a hanging patchwork quilt the artist had ingeniously made out of old book covers. The Mattress Factory is a real treasure of contemporary art tucked away in the historic Mexican War Streets on the city's North Side; I highly recommend you check it out if you ever find yourself in the 'burgh --and you really should go! Pittsburgh is beautiful and has truly transformed itself from a burnt-out, recession-hit mill town to a happening metro center. Truly, reinvention is all around us!

And I'd like to extend a hearty "Dahnk yuh vel!" to Tony Groven of Hasselt, Belgium for bringing the wonderful book door of Lyon to my attention.


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