Shoestring Sally's Student Loan Blues

I'm sick of being sick and tired over money. I live in what is purportedly the greatest nation in the history of all recorded time on this planet and any other (hah! take that little grey men) and yet the constant hustle to get by and get ahead whilst feeling the crushing weight of student loan debt has left my body worn out & crying uncle: I am a relatively young chickie and yet in the past two years I have been diagnosed with everything from osteoarthritis to chronic fatigue syndrome! As soon as one bundle of mystery ailments departs, another arrives. Clearly stress is to blame. Case in point, I've noticed that when things get me going, particularly financial stressors, I grind and clench my teeth. I have even cracked 2 of them, each requiring a root canal and a crown. I floss and brush diligently but my pearly whites are nevertheless in peril. At least I have great dental insurance and got a super swanky custom-made night guard for practically free. Still, a night guard?! Hardly a fashion choice I would make if I had my druthers. True, I only wear it when I'm sleeping but... an accessory that makes you lisp? So not stylish.

You know what I was planning on posting about today? A fun fashion spread all about going on "photographic style safaris" --stalking your prey in high end department stores with photo lens at the ready and then using your pictorial trophies to help you bag those looks at lower prices. But I can't do that tonight, for I am just too flummoxed as to how I will ever pay off my student loan debt. I will soon enter repayment after an all-too-brief respite and the clock is ticking down.

It's the middle of the night, Shoestringers and just plain Strungouters, and I'm up. A "nuit blanche" the French call it --a white night. Too many of my nuits are blanche these days. So, here it is, a little piece of artwork I've thrown together to tell my Student Loan Story. Growing up, we are taught to not discuss money, and especially not to disclose our money problems. But I'm doing just that because I know I'm not the only one who is up right now and I just don't care anymore who knows:

As of tonight, my debt is $55,509.92 and counting...but not counting accrued interest! 


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