So Shoestring Sally Walks Into a Bar...

...and she says to the bartender:

Sally: Hey there, Harry, how's it shakin'?

Harry: Can't complain, Sal, can't complain.

Sally: Yeah? Business good tonight?

Harry: Well, things were sorta slow for awhile --but that last guy, he was a real George.

Sally: A George?

Harry: Yeah, y'know, a George.

Sally: Still don't get ya, buddy.

Harry: Aaa, I guess you don't hear that much anymore. "George" is old barkeep talk for a real good tipper.

Sally: That's a new one for me, Harry.

Harry: Yeah, a guy's called a George and a gal's called a Georgette.

Sally: Well, whadda ya know!

So what's the moral of this tale, Shoestringers? I know times are tough all over but, hey, folks in the service industries work hard and many have families to support and college tuition to pay. So even if you're pinching pennies and doing your best to stave off debt, next time you step out on the town, be a George or a Georgette!


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