You Might Be A Bore If... carry a Longchamp Le pliage tote bag!

Seriously. You know how many of these I see walking down the street on a daily basis? Twenty --AT LEAST! For awhile now these Polyamide fabric and leather totes that typically run anywhere from $95-$145 USD have become what "signature C" Coach bags were a decade ago. I'm no hypocrite: I love Coach bags (when they don't have all sorts of cheap-looking gew-gaws on them, an unfortunate direction  the company has gone in in recent years, though I think they're getting back to basics now) and perusing the Longchamp website as "research and development" for this post has made me a fan. They have beautiful wares and I would most definitely shop 'champ if I could afford it. But not Le pliage. Never Le pliage. For it has become the signature look of the unimaginative, the frumpy, the so boringly kitted-out you can't even call it preppy anymore. 

Let's be clear here, I'm all for clean lines, utilitarian fashion, and a wardrobe with a solid foundation of the basics. For instance, the all-black ginormous LeSportsac zip-top shopper I haul around on most days hardly screams Wowzah! but 'tis my own, 'tis my own. I like LeSportsac for very individual, personal reasons: despite the basic black I currently sport, I do favor some of their wilder patterns, and I like the big, flouncy design that bespeaks their 1974 origin. There's just something about carrying an over-sized, multi-colored LeSportsac that gets me make-believing I'm Lauren Hutton circa 1976, all daring-do and zipping through Manhattan on a breezy spring day, perhaps on my way to Africa to rough it on Kenya's Laikipia Plains. I don't care if they are in or out of fashion; I like them because to me, they say me-- that part of me that craves all that is free, confident and adventurous. So, when I see Le pliage proliferate the streets like Tribbles on the Enterprise it is clear they are more often than not the offspring of trend-supplicant shoppers set to autopilot. Newsflash North American ladies, Le pliage does not make you look sophisticated, sexy, or French, but rather, uninspired, uptight and...yes, I think we could add a boring lay to that.

So, to all Le pliage devotees (or faux-devotees rather) listen up:



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