Fabulous Hat of the Week: GeeGee Louise!

Hail Shoestringers! You may recall in my September post Yes! Yes! More About Hats! I asked readers to send me pictures of beautiful and interesting hats they sport and/or make. And submissions have begun rolling in! So, over the next month or two I will be highlighting these chic chapeaux in a Saturday feature I call "Fabulous Hat of the Week".

First up is this amazing vintage creation worn by none other than one of the premier rising stars of the New York and Boston Burlesque scene GeeGee Louise:

GeeGee delights in challenging gender roles via both performance and fashion! Touring nationally, GeeGee may very well be playing in a town near you, so be sure to check out The Burlesque Impersonator, GeeGee's personal website, for tour dates and show info. But take heed readers: this site is definitely for the 18+ crowd and not for the fearless or fierceless!

Now back to the hat! What I love best is how its triangular shape and jaunty positioning off to the side reminds me of the gorgeous little number Vivien Leigh sports in Gone with the Wind...and you all know how  much I loooove Miss Leigh

Verdict for GeeGee: Glamorous? Guilty as charged.

Join us next week as I continue my feather theme with the darling handmade headbands of Idaho-based shutterbug and budget-fashionista MaryAnne Porter-Remer


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