Inexpensive Inspirations: Bottles and Jars

Today I find myself thinking about bottles and jars. Colorful and/or interesting shaped bottles have been very popular as a home decor accessory the last couple of decades, and why not?! They can add just the right touch of bohemian, shabby chic elegance to a room...of course they can also be expensive! Jars still fly under the corporate radar for the most part but pretty bottles became quite spendy as soon as they went designer. There are still bottles to be found on the cheap, however, if you don't care to spend Pier 1 prices and the like (though you can find some really cool china and glassware in their clearance section from time to time). Flea markets are always good & Goodwill stores are a fantastic source for such tchotchke. And of course attractive containers for food items etc. that you buy can find new life on a shelf or table. I've been known to buy something just for the jar/bottle (nothing too expensive however!)

Here's a recent collage I made inspired by one of my favorite things, a magical cityscape comprised of pictures of glass bottles:
Akashalemuria: Le Royaume des Verres Colorés by shabbychicstyle 


  1. This collage is beautiful!!!

  2. Thank you! Art has become a major form of stress relief for me lately. And this cost me nothing to make! Gotta love that!


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