Jars! Jars! Jars!

In yesterday's post I waxed romantic about my love of glass bottles...jars got short shrift. Well, today I make amends to my clear, portly friends and share with you one of my most favorite jars in the world:

(retails at $1 USD at CVS Pharmacy)

Yes, I confess, your dear little spendthrift Sally has on more than one occasion plunked down a hard-earned dollar on this product just to get the jar. In general I eschew fruit cocktail with its neon cherries pickled in Red #3 for the fresh McCoy --but look at how cute those jars are! Beautifully rounded and sturdy to boot, their greatest charms are the lovely little "ears" at either side. 

I have been waging a mammoth war against clutter this spring and have, I admit, gotten myself into an organizational Nam: situation futile but I'll be damned if we're pulling the troops out. I have managed to gain some high ground recently with my "home office" area, due in part to my formerly fruit-filled friends. My regular readers know that my poor camera bit the dust, but I took this picture before its demise --in anticipation of a post such as this:

Perched atop my desk in a neat little row are 3 of my jars, merrily keeping my office supplies in order. I've kicked the aesthetic value up a notch by lining them up on a rectangular braided vinyl place mat --or rather the remnant that I almost pitched: I had cut the original mat into a square to protect the top of the fabulous telephone table I featured in Never Fear Looking Rude! C'mon, People, Haggle Shrewd! From jars to scraps, everything has a re-use!


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