More Blooms For Your Buck!

In my last floral-themed post I shared with readers a picture of the white daisies I bought this past Sunday. As always, I recut the stems and changed the water every day, but after a few days, the flowers were ailing and much of the stems below the waterline had turned brown. Still one needn't toss bouquets out before their time! With a little diligence, you can indeed get more bloom for your buck!

What I do is cull out the wilted flowers as needed, cut the stems as high as necessary and seek out new containers & ways of arranging the flowers to the best effect. This often calls for breaking up the original bouquet into smaller arrangements but the result is I enjoy my flowers much longer than if I just left the bunch to wilt as a whole.  

So look around your home and discover new ways to show of your budget blooms:

Do you take cream, milk or a daisy in your tea?

How about a bouquet fit for Bond, instead?

Display a dash of springtime cheer...

or a sultry flower behind the ear!


  1. I love using flowers as all kinds of accessories! Great post!


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