Oh the weather inside is frightful!

Shoestring Sally here, reporting from an apartment with no heat. Yup, on the coldest, snowiest night Haute Hooverville has seen in quite awhile my usually ardent radiators are giving me the cold shoulder. It has been an unseasonably warm winter here but March has decided to come in like a lion. Don't worry, I won't freeze to death. I am running a little heater to take the chill off the room before beddy-bye (Disclaimer: never let a heater run unattended, and never while you are asleep, and always unplug it when not in use!!!) and I got the thickest wool socks ever knitted on. Plus the emergency repair line has been called and luckily the hot water isn't out too (yet!) so I had a hot bath. Still, 'tis times like this when the worrying thought, "What if this doesn't get sorted out by the weekend?" flurries through my brain like wayward snowflakes that I wish I had the means to check myself into a swank hotel. Or that I lived somewhere warm year-round --but preferably with a pool and central air.
I don't wear fur...and yet brrrr! Liz looks awfully cozy here!


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