Shoestring Reads: Making Money "Buy" the Book

Antique editions might fetch a pretty penny and should be checked
out by an expert, but for your run-of-the-mill volumes pop into your local 
bookstore to redeem for some green. 
Books! Books! Once again my thoughts turn to one of my favorite things: a good book. Alas, I don't have the budget to accommodate my habit but as I have said before, the library is a budget bookworm's best friend. Recently, however, I took advantage of a wonderful options for getting the most bang for my book, as it were: selling back used books in good condition to a local bookstore. It's a common practice among mom-and-pop and small chain bookstores, and it can be a great way to get a little extra cash or store credit --as well as clearing room on your bookshelves. Some places just offer store credit based on a percentage of the original sale price, and other bookstores give you a choice between cash back or credit with the store credit value typically worth more. The store I sold books to recently does the latter: 15% of the original price in cash/check or 20% in store credit. And I took the store credit! So, for 6 books that I didn't much care for, and that were just gathering dust,  I got $29.40 in store credit. Better still, all but one of the books had been passed on to me second hand and gratis. I actually made a profit! But seller beware, I'm talking about books produced fairly recently --if you have anything like the lovely old volumes pictured above, you might have something really valuable and it would behoove you to have a book collector inspect them!


  1. Good idea! I do a similar thing online, via
    Each book sells for UK £3.75 and the seller receives UK £3 of that. I buy a lot of books from them for presents, as most secondhand books are still in great condition and my friends and family aren't bothered about books being pristine. Plus you can create a 'wish list' and GM will email you when someone is selling your desired title.

  2. Great tip! Keep 'em coming people. Sal is happy to promote "Shoestring Savings" around the globe!


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