Shoestring Sharing: OUR 100TH POST!!!! Spotlighting Agnes Pareyio

Wow, this ship first sailed on Nov. 1, 2011 and already Shoestring News is at its 100th post!!! Shoestring Sally is nothing if not prolific. In this short amount of time, I've shared with you all a lot of my personal inspirations, art, fashion and basically whatever creative doings I've gotten myself up to. I've groused about money, materialism and my ongoing struggle of being a Have Not in a Must Have society. And trust me, I have tons of fab superficiality coming down the shoestring: more fashion, more shiny objects distracting my magpie mind, more things I think are cool that I've made or spent my money on...or simply slavered over because I don't have the money to spend! But when thinking about what I should focus on for this milestone post, it hit me that this is a day to talk about what really matters, those things that may not keep us en trend ala the runway but that help others and inspire the soul.

I am currently involved in a local Haute Hooverville charity production of Eve Ensler's The Vagina Monologues, and as many of you may already know it is not only a play but a movement, with productions all over the world raising money to help stop violence against women and girls. Here's a link where you can find out more about this & get the skinny on productions being staged in your area:

I've learned a lot lately about the scope of this movement and the myriad ways it helps people across the globe; last night I saw a powerful documentary about its impact called Until the Violence Stops, and one of the women profiled in the film is Agnes Pareyio --a simply amazing woman in Kenya who is doing everything she can to put a stop to the genital mutilation of young girls, aka female circumcision. I want to share her story with you today. Note: the video DOES NOT contain footage of female circumcision but it still deals with mature matters that might upset/confuse children, so viewer discretion is advised. But Agnes's story is so inspiring, and she is an awesome example of someone who began a mission of change with no funding:


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