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Fabulous Hat of the Week: Let Your Flapper Flag...Flap?

Fab Hat took a week off but we are back with a new tribute to chic chapeaux! But alas, after this week we find ourselves out of hats! So please keep submissions coming to shoestringnews(at)gmail(dot)com. While we're at it, don't limit yourself to hats: we are interested in all clothes cute, quirky, downright decadent etc. etc. etc. And if it was a steal of a deal or something you made/re-conditioned so much the better!

Now on to the Roaring Twenties. This week's pic once again comes from Claire Byers, whose ever-adorable but still got attitude boys' caps were featured in our last Fab Hat post. Intriguingly, Claire is the only one sans-headwear in this group photo, but no matter. The picture is still all-around hat-tastic!

This snap is the cat's pajamas and proof positive that fashion should be about having fun. And is it just me or does the beguiling Kimberly (working the smoky eyes and feather headband to great effect on the far left) evoke scream queen, and Hamme…

Bra Update: Is Barely There Barely Worth It?

Hello again, readers! Ugh, still crazy busy but am hoping to get back in the Shoestring Swing of things by the weekend. For now a quick update: My loyal readers know all too well the pain I have suffered over my favorite bra being discontinued, Barely There Gotcha Covered model #4666 (aka The Devil's Bra). For those of you who are unaware of my tribulations, I refer you to the first Barely There post. Well, since then I have managed to find another online retailer with some 4666's for sale in my somewhat hard to find size...but OUCH! expensive. What to do?! It is so hard to find bras that fit me well, and maybe I should just break the bank and stockpile. But I need to buy eyeglasses, I'm taking a risk on a refurbed Mac (more on that later), and my required monthly student loan payments just went up. Something's got to give. Alas, at the moment it's my underwire. The economics of mammary management today are truly most distressing. And once more I have to ask:


Shoestring Slumber

Achtung Shoestringers! Shoestring News is on a brief hiatus...but heaps new posts are in the works & you'll be sure to hear about it once we're back on the burner and cooking with gas!
Until then, stay frugal, fashionable and full of hope!
xoxo Sally

Fabulous Hat of the Week: Claire Byers Caps It Off!

Singer, student, lover of life and more, Claire Byers of Somerville, MA wears many hats both figuratively and literally. And this week we spotlight all the wonderful ways Claire uses hats to express who she is, to create a particular mood or feeling, and often to evoke a bygone era --that is fashion at its finest and most fun! Also, listen up ladies for some tips on how to make a "a boyish cap" all about the girl. So without further adieu, I give you Claire as she shares both her hats and her thoughts about them:

Hat 1: I love hats from other time periods, and sometimes especially when they look like boys' caps from other time periods. The inspiration for this hat was actually from a party where we had to dress up as 19th century boys. But the way I wear my boyish caps is undeniably feminine.

Hat 2: This was an outfit for a performance I did in New York. I like the hat with this outfit because it fills out the feminine Charlie Chaplin look I was trying to capture and trans…

That Little Black Dress Too Quiet? Let Your Shoes Do the Talking!

Today I am spotlighting the snazzy shoes of readerdredeedee from Northampton, MA. Yowzah! This budget fashionista knows you can jazz up a classic LBD with accessories that pop ...and killer heels are the perfect complement.
These sultry orange & red slingbacks are just the ticket for working a black dress in the spring and summer months, and the leopard print heels are as fierce as the jungle cat that inspired them. Verdict: dredeedee gets it right not once --but twice!

Inexpensive Inspirations: Show Off Your Colors Like Your Name's Crayola!

Tonight I shake off the doom and gloom of yesterday's post to look at the bright side, in both attitude and aesthetics. Spring time (though off to a slow start in Haute Hooverville) makes me crave vibrant colors. I look at the clothes in my closet and all I see is blahgreyblackblobbityblaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! But surely I can find inexpensive ways to infuse a little wow factor into my wardrobe: a bracelet, a scarf, a little summer shift from the sale rack. Hmmm...will have to get inventive, more creative, pinch pennies but still think pink. Haunt the thrift stores, revamp & revision what I have! In the meantime, let's revel in a little inexpensive inspiration. Here are two of my most recent Polyvore collages & as you can see my appetite for color is insatiable!

I Need a Spot of Color Today by shabbychicstyle featuring flower hair accessories
Not Such An Innocent Girl by shabbychicstyle featuring a slip dress

Shoestring News Reality Check

Monthly take home pay is approx. $40 more this year. Monthly Income Based student loan payment is approx. $30 more this year.
Livin' large.

Fabulous "Hat" of the Week: MaryAnne's Romantic Feathered Headbands

This week's fabulous hat is not a hat at all, but a headband. Or shall I say headbands, for crafting delicate feathered head pieces that evoke a bygone era are a favorite past time of artist and budget fashionista MaryAnne Porter-Remer of Boise, Idaho. She even made one for her own wedding and check out these pictures of the beautiful bride (photos courtesy of MaryAnne):

Pretty nifty, huh? I asked MaryAnne for more particulars on how to make these and her technique definitely  demonstrates some Shoestring Savvy:

I either glue or sew feathers to a felt back and then glue the felt back to a wire headband. I bought a batch of headbands pre-covered with ribbons (the ribbons securely cover the wire base, so it is comfortable to wear). I get them bulk on Ebay. You can get bulk feathers on Ebay as well and even premade feather felt pads. I made the white one for my wedding completely from scratch using a variety of white feathers and some dried plants.
MaryAnne also made a gorgeous blue h…

Holiday Greetings from Shoestring Sally!

Happy Easter, Happy Passover, Happy Everything!
Shoestring News wishes one and all a beautiful holiday... may the Easter Bunny bring you bundles of treats and your Seder cup runneth over!
xoxo Shoestring Sally

Latest Collage: A Study in Complementary Colors --Don't Be Afraid to Mix & Match!


Tip Jar!

My goodness, it just hit me this evening that when I was professing my love for Polar fruit cocktail jars a few posts back, I plum forgot to include this handy little cleaning tip for when you want to re-use a pretty glass food jar as a decorative container: the best way to get the label adhesive & the inky expiration date off is with one of those white "Magic Eraser" sponges.

Of course, no offense to Mr. Clean, don't buy the real thing! Save a few pennies and buy the store brand eraser, Mr. C's isn't any better. Still the eraser sponge is a wonder whatever the brand! I used to take forever getting the label sticky off by soaking it in dish detergent or a citrus-oil based product like Goo Gone but a spongy eraser gets the ink & goo off in a flash. It is even more effective than Brillo --and unlike Brillo it won't leave scratches on the glass!

And that is Shoestring Sally's "Tip for the Jar".


Today, fair readers, I experienced the Shoestring Shame of having my credit/debit card DENIED at --and this is the most egregious part of all-- Dunkin Donuts! The card reader asserted that I did not have the money to buy a $2.02 cup of coffee and the guy behind the register truly treated me like I was a leper who'd dropped a finger on the counter top: PLOP! In a frenzy I groped for whatever other card I had on hand, my Macy's Visa card --for coffee! How lame!

Of course, I'm thinking, "OMG, I just got paid, last I checked I had plenty of money and I just sent out my rent check! If the bank screwed up something and that check bounces I'm toast!" I raced home with my coffee: panic panic run sip! panic panic run sip! Well, never fear, after more panicking and over 5 minutes on hold listening to a cross between soft core porn music and elevator jazz, I gleaned 3 key pieces of information:

My account is in good standing with money in it --YAY!My rent check will not …