Fabulous Hat of the Week: Claire Byers Caps It Off!

Singer, student, lover of life and more, Claire Byers of Somerville, MA wears many hats both figuratively and literally. And this week we spotlight all the wonderful ways Claire uses hats to express who she is, to create a particular mood or feeling, and often to evoke a bygone era --that is fashion at its finest and most fun! Also, listen up ladies for some tips on how to make a "a boyish cap" all about the girl. So without further adieu, I give you Claire as she shares both her hats and her thoughts about them:

Hat 1: I love hats from other time periods, and sometimes especially when they look like boys' caps from other time periods. The inspiration for this hat was actually from a party where we had to dress up as 19th century boys. But the way I wear my boyish caps is undeniably feminine.

Hat 2: This was an outfit for a performance I did in New York. I like the hat with this outfit because it fills out the feminine Charlie Chaplin look I was trying to capture and transform. Modernized, feminized Chaplin, yet quite retro in feel.

Hat 3: This is another boyish cap that I enjoy wearing with boyish shirts made less boyish by the way they fit on my figure, the amount of buttons that are undone, and the jewelry. The whisps of hair also help give the boyish hat a feminine air.

Claire with friends Anna (top) & Trisha
Hat 4: This cap falls in both of the above categories: A boyish kind of period cap that I jazzed up with earthy circle patterned jewelry that matches the brown circular patterns on the shirt with a black background.. I like the interplay of the black and brown, offset by the bright scarf and strength of the blue blazer over it. A blend of a jazzy and down to earth vibe. Beatnik with the hippie chick.

Claire Byers: proof positive that sometimes girls just wear it better!


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