Fabulous Hat of the Week: Let Your Flapper Flag...Flap?

Fab Hat took a week off but we are back with a new tribute to chic chapeaux! But alas, after this week we find ourselves out of hats! So please keep submissions coming to shoestringnews(at)gmail(dot)com. While we're at it, don't limit yourself to hats: we are interested in all clothes cute, quirky, downright decadent etc. etc. etc. And if it was a steal of a deal or something you made/re-conditioned so much the better!

Now on to the Roaring Twenties. This week's pic once again comes from Claire Byers, whose ever-adorable but still got attitude boys' caps were featured in our last Fab Hat post. Intriguingly, Claire is the only one sans-headwear in this group photo, but no matter. The picture is still all-around hat-tastic!

Feathers, fedoras and flappers --oh my!
Claire & friends (left to right):  Kimberly, Erin, Claire, Madeleine
Photo courtesy of Claire Byers
This snap is the cat's pajamas and proof positive that fashion should be about having fun. And is it just me or does the beguiling Kimberly (working the smoky eyes and feather headband to great effect on the far left) evoke scream queen, and Hammer Horror favorite, actress Barbara Steele?
Barbara Steele & her famous gaze.

Performer Madeleine, looking the bee's knees in men's haberdashery & flirty fringe frock (far right), had this to say about her chapeau of choice & why hats are so divine: 

"I must say in my case the hat was NECESSARY so that you didn't see the wig was actually an insane 80's hairstyle that a man wore to play a woman in drag in a show I did. 
Hats...a great statement or just a way to cover what's happening with your hair."

Hah! You can't argue with Madeleine's logic.
 Even the most dashing hat can serve a practical purpose.


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