Fabulous "Hat" of the Week: MaryAnne's Romantic Feathered Headbands

This week's fabulous hat is not a hat at all, but a headband. Or shall I say headbands, for crafting delicate feathered head pieces that evoke a bygone era are a favorite past time of artist and budget fashionista MaryAnne Porter-Remer of Boise, Idaho. She even made one for her own wedding and check out these pictures of the beautiful bride (photos courtesy of MaryAnne):

Pretty nifty, huh? I asked MaryAnne for more particulars on how to make these and her technique definitely  demonstrates some Shoestring Savvy:

I either glue or sew feathers to a felt back and then glue the felt back to a wire headband. I bought a batch of headbands pre-covered with ribbons (the ribbons securely cover the wire base, so it is comfortable to wear). I get them bulk on Ebay. You can get bulk feathers on Ebay as well and even premade feather felt pads. I made the white one for my wedding completely from scratch using a variety of white feathers and some dried plants.

MaryAnne also made a gorgeous blue headband for her sister Stephanie, who served as her maid of honor. For both pieces she finished off the look with striking jeweled charms, which she finds in hobby shops and even chain stores like Walmart. The charms used in her wedding headbands were actually pendants, for making necklaces...but MaryAnne likes to improvise!

MaryAnne Porter-Remer certainly proves that you can create your own designer wedding on a dime. All you need is a little imagination and a few feathers!

You can get more inspiration from MaryAnne (and friends) at her edgy, beautiful and all around epic (not to mention thrifty!) fashion blog:


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