Tip Jar!

My goodness, it just hit me this evening that when I was professing my love for Polar fruit cocktail jars a few posts back, I plum forgot to include this handy little cleaning tip for when you want to re-use a pretty glass food jar as a decorative container: the best way to get the label adhesive & the inky expiration date off is with one of those white "Magic Eraser" sponges.

Remember: If Mr. Clean is not on sale
keep walking and buy the store brand!
Of course, no offense to Mr. Clean, don't buy the real thing! Save a few pennies and buy the store brand eraser, Mr. C's isn't any better. Still the eraser sponge is a wonder whatever the brand! I used to take forever getting the label sticky off by soaking it in dish detergent or a citrus-oil based product like Goo Gone but a spongy eraser gets the ink & goo off in a flash. It is even more effective than Brillo --and unlike Brillo it won't leave scratches on the glass!

And that is Shoestring Sally's "Tip for the Jar".


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