Today, fair readers, I experienced the Shoestring Shame of having my credit/debit card DENIED at --and this is the most egregious part of all-- Dunkin Donuts! The card reader asserted that I did not have the money to buy a $2.02 cup of coffee and the guy behind the register truly treated me like I was a leper who'd dropped a finger on the counter top: PLOP! In a frenzy I groped for whatever other card I had on hand, my Macy's Visa card --for coffee! How lame!

Of course, I'm thinking, "OMG, I just got paid, last I checked I had plenty of money and I just sent out my rent check! If the bank screwed up something and that check bounces I'm toast!" I raced home with my coffee: panic panic run sip! panic panic run sip! Well, never fear, after more panicking and over 5 minutes on hold listening to a cross between soft core porn music and elevator jazz, I gleaned 3 key pieces of information:

  • My account is in good standing with money in it --YAY!
  • My rent check will not bounce --YAY!
  • The Visa company experienced some sort of meltdown today and a bunch of people had their cards rejected by vendors today --WHAT?!

So crisis averted but it's got me thinking how vulnerable one is when living on a shoestring: a random administrative error or computer glitch can turn your whole world upside down. Because NO! "Financial Experts Whose Advice I'm Trying to Follow", I don't have my 6 months back up! I don't have a 1 month back up! What I do have are all my bills paid every month, my body fed and my fight or flight in constant flurry worrying and scheming and maybe more than is useful dreaming on how to get ahead.

Blowing a big fat raspberry to Visa and the "Finance Experts" 
Shoestring Sally xoxo


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