Looking for a New Attitude in Old Clothes

In yesterday's post I laid bare my struggles with emotionally-motivated shopping and how current troubles have caused my spending to skyrocket. Today I looked at my Macy's card balance: it was not pretty and thank God the money isn't due til June!!! The numbers made me feel powerless and overwhelmed. But slowly I'm beginning to rally. I restocked my coffee supplies; I had fallen out of the habit of brewing my own but with the month still so new and my account so depleted I must tighten the ol' java belt. I also stopped myself from buying a new pair of jeans --I do need jeans as I've worn most of mine literally to tatters, but I did not need that particular pair of jeans from that particular store. They were too expensive. Then I realized later that a practically new, but egregiously too short after the first wash, pair I was planning to foist on Goodwill can find new life cuffed. I don't care if that's in style still or not for a loose, low-cuffed jean (falling a hair below mid-calf) paired with snazzy-colored ballet flats (red patent leather or shimmery silver are two favorites) look adorable on me.

My point being is this: that little spark I once had for "making fun while making do" reignited ...reuse, rethink, re-invent, shop your life before the store. And this new attitude is reflected in today's collage, a tribute to vintage 1940s & 50s fashion, as well as sewing!!! The idea of creating fashion for yourself in some manner, rather than just shop, shop, shopping is a Shoestring News credo. Do I still carry around the fear and neediness reflected in my last post? Yes. Such feelings don't disappear overnight. But sometimes a little vintage spirit can help keep things bright.


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