Shoestring Shame! (A Long Overdue Thank You to Free Mass Media)

Well, I was shocked to see that I have let a whole week go by without a new post! I also neglected earlier this month to give a SUPER SHOESTRING SHOUT OUT to Free Mass Media for featuring my post Go Boho on a Hobo Budget on their super cool Facebook Page  --and for that I hang my head in Shoestring Shame! I will most definitely have to write a more in-depth post about this up-and-coming alternative news site but for the time being just know Free Mass Media is epic --and check it out!

Also I'd like to draw your attention to a recent posting on Free Mass Media: Going Coconuts! with Cher Kore, all about the myriad uses of coconut oil and milk. Cher, you've read my mind! For I, always on the hunt for natural beauty treatments & wellness-promoting goodies, have been researching coconuts this past week and they truly are a miracle fruit...or a nut? Anyway --they're just plain swell. And so is Cher's post, so hurry up and finish reading this and click on that link!

And never fear, Shoestringers, for I've got new posts coming down the Shoestring soon: tips on creating budget-smart art, more book & music reviews (because we all need a little entertainment to distract us from our bank balance) and an account of my recent adventures with a couple of former presidents. Intrigued? Hope so! And in the meantime...

...stay solvent!
Shoestring Sally


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